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Equilibrium equations

Static equilibrium equations

Beam is hanged to the ceiling via two ropes. Masses of ropes are so small that it is possible to omit them in computation. Beam has mass m[kg]. Force F[N] is placed in specified beam’s point. Static equilibrium equations for system have to be calculated. Reaction forces in ropes also have to be calculated. Beam is in gravity field. Beam has length 8·a. Gravity force which works on beam has to be placed in beam’s gravity center C.

static equilibrium equations example 3

Oblique throw – motion equation

Oblique throw - motion equation

Material point is thrown with start velocity v0. Between ground plane and vector of velocity v0 is an angle α. Material point is inside gravity field described by gravity acceleration g. Vector of gravity acceleration g is perpendicular to ground plane. It is assumed that move takes place in vacuum. It means that there is no air resist. Subject of example is to find equation of trajectory and value of angle which will provide maximal range of throw.

Oblique throw of material point