Plenty of examples from theory of robotics are available for analyzing here. Every example is solved step by step so it is quite easy to understand what is going on. On this site are placed fully solved projects about robot’s forward kinematics and robot’s inverse kinematics. On this site there is also a full project with calculation example of robot dynamics.

Forward kinematics

Robot forward kinematics - example 1.

Collection of examples in which forward kinematics of robot is calculated. In forward kinematics joint angles and linear shifts are known. Using known parameters we calculate values of XYZ coordinates in cartesian systems. In robotics we apply Denavit-Hartenberg notation. Forward kinematics we can symbolically mark in short relation:
i, di} → {Xi, Yi, Zi}

robot forward kinematics – examples

Inverse kinematics

Robot inverse kinematics - example 1.

Inverse kinematics is more complex issue than forward kinematics. First of all if we want to calculate inverse kinematics of robot we have to calculate forward kinematics before it. In inverse kinematics we know coordinates of position in Cartesian system. We use values of coordinates in base system to calculate angles and shifts of robot’s drives. Inverse kinematics we can symbolically mark in short relation:
{Xi, Yi, Zi} → {Θi, di}

robot inverse kinematics – examples

Robot dynamics

Robot dynamics - example 1.

During robot’s motion various kinds of torques and forces works on robot. Some components of load is worn by robot’s construction. Rest of loads have to be equivalent by robot’s drives. If a robot is being constructed then values of forces and torques have be known because that knowledge is a base information for control of servo drives.

robot dynamics in motion – examples

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