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Physical pendulum

physical pendulum - motion equation

Physical pendulum is built with rigid body. One of rigid body ends is fixed to the ceiling. Rigid body is able to rotate around axis which is placed exactly in place where rigid’s end is fixed. Rotation axis is perpendicular to the plane of drawing. Rigid body has mass m and inertia I. Rigid body length is 2∙l. Note that inertia I is known for axis of rotations. If physical pendulum is in equilibrium position then it is not moving. In equilibrium position gravity force is balanced by rigid body’s reaction force. In a certain moment pendulum was deflected from its equilibrium and was inclined from vertical position by angle α. Pendulum is under gravity field, so gravity force works on it. Remember that physical pendulum is rigid body so gravity force is placed on rigid body’s gravity center C.

Physical pendulum – motion equation